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体育投注网盘口The Exclusive collection Asia Vanguard Crazy Hours™ faithfully reflects the House's audacity, while bringing a unique aestheticism to the collection. The most iconoclastic complication of Franck Muller: the Crazy Hours™ is highlighted in a Vanguard™ case with sporty curves and vibrant numbers.

体育投注网盘口 The Vanguard Crazy Hours™ is a colorful and dynamic men collection. Clad in a lightweight black carbon case, its distinct Arabic numbers, applied by hand, in flashy colors, explode from the black dial. To emphasize, the inserts on the side of the watch, the emblazoned crown and stitches on the hand sewn alligator strap echo the flashy colors of the numbers.

Vanguard Crazy Horus in Carbon.jpg
Vanguard Crazy Hours in Carbon (2).jpg

The Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady, is the counterpart of the men collection, in the absolute best way with glamorous colors and a case hand set with 299 brilliant-cut diamonds (3.83 carats).

With its sun-stamped lacquered dial and distinct numerals applied by hand, the Vanguard Crazy Hours™ Lady ensures a firm grip on the Franck Muller traditions, with a youthful and futuristic aesthetic.

Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady in Rose Gold (4).jpg
Vanguard Crazy Hours Lady in Rose Gold (5).jpg

The strap is artistically integrated into the case with the help of two unseen screws. The rubber on the inside of the strap effortlessly takes the shape of the wrist, while the alligator on the top instills grace. Modeled to perfection, the handsome blend of rubber and alligator creates absolute harmony with the iconic Vanguard case.

体育投注网盘口The lines of the case give a sporty and modern character to this collection, which has been designed to express the concept of time as an abstract construct.

体育投注网盘口 The Crazy Hours complication offers a unique reading of time, showing hour numerals in the most unconventional order. Thanks to a patented mechanism, the central hour hand literally jumps from one hour to the next, respectfully following the randomly numbers on the dial. Thereby, after every 60 minutes, the hour hand would jump to the next correct number. Meanwhile, the minute hand follows a conventional 60-minute cycle revolving around the dial.

Time becomes a value that is personal, individual, and unique. You find yourself eagerly waiting at each 59th minute to observe the Crazy Hours’ mesmerizing jump.

体育投注网盘口The Vanguard Crazy Hours establishes a new philosophy and proclaims independence from the established order of time.

About Crazy Hours
Launched in 2003, the idea for the Crazy Hours complication came to brand founder Franck Muller while he was on a vacation in Mauritius. The complication comprises a jumping hour module and an automatic movement. While the hour hand jumps to point the correct hour numeral, the minute hand revolves round the dial in a traditional 60-minute cycle. Although the hour numerals seem randomly placed, there is a sequence to the ‘crazy’ hours – each subsequent number is placed at an approximately 120-degree arc away from the preceding number.