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The Vanguard Crazy Hours™ calls in for youthful and futuristic aesthetics.
The material is into the spotlight, with the brushed stainless steel case and dial. An aesthetic that lives up to the eccentricity of the complication, with the iconic numbers of the Vanguard™ collection in blue, red, green or orange, that seem to strand out from the brushed stainless steel dial.



With its harmonious contours, flawless finesse and impeccably balanced proportions, the Vanguard Crazy Hours™ Lady combines boldness, creativity and poetry with the exceptional Haute Horlogerie know-how of Franck Muller.
体育投注网盘口An aesthetic at the height of this Crazy Hours™ complication, that has seduced enthralled horological aficionados for years. With its sun-stamped lacquered dial with hologram numbers and distinct numerals applied by hand, the Vanguard Crazy Hours™ Lady ensures a firm grip on the Franck Muller traditions, with a youthful and futuristic aesthetic.



The Vanguard™ line is enriched with a new feminine skeleton interpretation, featuring elegant characteristics, through its refined and pure skeleton body. The perfect curves of the Vanguard Lady™ Skeleton is emphasized by its glamorous details and clever appearance. The bridges hand-chamfered to perfection, reveal the manufactured movement of the watch in its entirety. Wholly designed and manufactured in-house, the balanced design of the Vanguard™ Lady Skeleton showcase the passion for crafts and art of details characteristic of the Franck Muller manufacture.



体育投注网盘口Once again, Franck Muller takes an uncommon approach to the very notion of time off the beaten track. An invitation to remember, to cultivate the fabulous and precious power of remembrance. The Master of Complications states with his new collection Remember that no law of physics assures us that time only moves forward in a unidirectional way. A real facelift, this timepiece with its fabulous rejuvenating properties takes us into a world where time flows backwards.



Inspired by the dynamic Vanguard™ collection, the Vanguard Yachting Anchor™ Skeleton develops a creative vision of time with affirmed nautical details. Featuring all the seafaring details from the deep blue to the wind rose adorning the dial, the sea world inspired each delicate detail of this newly born timepiece.



体育投注网盘口Sailing in a sporty direction with its automobile-inspired lines, the Vanguard™ Racing collection calls in for pure and stylish engine-turned aesthetics. With its harmonious contours, flawless finesse and impeccably balanced proportions, the lines and curves have been worked to brew elegance along with its sporty characteristics.



Housing in the emblematic, iconic and now renowned tonneau shape, the Skafander™, now available in chronograph version, travels through the marine depths in order to offer excellence and performance to quality and novelties lovers.
Powered by an automatic movement, the timepiece was thought to be perfect for diving adepts, with a water resistance to 100 meters. The rotating disk under the dial, adjustable by a push-button allows to move a graduation mark to the diving time and enable the diver to know the remaining dive time.