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The Cintrée Curvex™ is the iconic shape of Franck Muller. Thanks to its perfectly curved case and unique contours, the Cintrée Curvex is the brand’s most distinctive silhouette. The unique and gorgeous numeral design is also what makes the Cintrée Curvex immediately identifiable. With its elegant cases, stunning dials and highly-complex movements, Franck Muller is very proud of all its timepieces. They are true examples of vibrant and sophisticated designs that have timeless elegance.



The product of a particularly original perception, the Conquistador, through its totally unprecedented contours, pioneers a line of Franck Muller wristwatches initially inspired by the Cintrée Curvex. Undoubtedly adding to the Franck Muller style in design terms, the Conquistador can carry the spirit of the brand beyond its previous confines.



The Conquistador GPG combines technology and aesthetics. The elegant watch has been given a more aggressive look but is primarily very sporty.



The Conquistador Cortez watch is aimed at bold men and women with strong convictions, who are driven by a spirit of conquest and adventure.The Cortez expresses this determination through the extremely generous size of the case, as well as the double gadroon which characterises this collection.



With its blend of technology and aesthetics, the GPG Conquistador Cortez carries the same spirit forward in a sleek square Cortez case. The collection is aimed at bold men with strong convictions, who are driven by a spirit of conquest and adventure.



The architecture of the Long Island™ pays tribute to the Art Deco movement in a new vision of the Novecento style. The Long Island, driven by its rectangular shape and numbers has become a leading collection of Franck Muller. Thanks to its rectilinear and arched numerals, the Long Island has become an iconic model designed to perfectly fit the wrist of gentlemen.



The Master Square™ model is inspired by Franck Muller’s taste for the Art Deco movement. The geometrical purity and symmetry of the lines gives the collection a perfectly balanced design. Harmony and balance are the watchwords when it comes to describing the design of the Master Square. With its strong character, the Master Square is a must have that will suit every male watch lover.



The Round line reaffirms Franck Muller’s mastery of the watchmaking art in its purest tradition. Purity and sober design are the guiding principles of the Round collection. Its Haute Horlogerie movement and classical sobriety emphasizes the timepiece with all the attributes of a family heirloom. The range of this line extends from simple mechanical movements with manual or automatic winding to major complications such as perpetual calendars and tourbillons.



Sailing in a sporty direction with this new captivating shape, the Vanguard™ collection calls in for clean and innovative aesthetics. The distinctive applique numerals have been meticulously hand-polished and hand-brushed. The dial and crown give the final touch to the sporty elegance and unique aesthetic of the watch. The strap is cleverly integrated inside the case in order to maintain and extend the curved aspect of the timepiece, the result being a stunning and sporty timepiece with a unique design.



Franck Muller defies the codes of the Haute Horlogerie with the presentation of his exclusive masterpiece: The Skafander. Coming in the emblematic, iconic and now renowned tonneau shape, the Skafander travels through the marine depths in order to offer excellence and performance to quality and novelties lovers.